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VIVO is a certified provider for the Santa Clara County (SCC) Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) Pre-Trial Diversion Programs (PDP). 

VIVO provides Drug Diversion Education Classes to participants who are referred by the Superior Court of Santa Clara County.   VIVO collect a predetermined fee (as set by BHSD) from each referred participant to cover the costs of court fees and providing the classes, and in-turn provide 10 hours of lecture to the participant.  Upon successful completion of the class and another 10 hours of Community Support Meetings of other organization, the participant's charge may get dismissed.


VIVO được chứng nhận bởi quận hạt Santa Clara County cho chương trình PDP (Chuyển Hướng Tiền Hình Sự), để mở lớp dạy ngăn ngừa nghiện ngập cho những cá nhân bị cáo buộc phạm tội.  VIVO sẽ thu học phí ấn định bởi County BHSD và cung cấp 10 giờ học cho học viên.  Sau khi đã hoàn tất lớp học, và thêm 10 giờ gặp gỡ các nhóm hỗ trợ khác, học viên có thể sẽ được tha bổng cho tội hình sự đang bị cáo buộc.


PDP is a program managed by the  Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) to provide alternatives to prosecution that divert certain offenders from traditional criminal justice processing into a program of supervision by the Probation Department. In the majority of cases, offenders are diverted at the pre-charge stage. Participants who successfully complete the program will not be charged or, if charged, will have the charges against them dismissed; unsuccessful participants will be returned for prosecution.

The major objectives of pretrial diversion are: To prevent future criminal activity by diverting individuals from traditional processing into community supervision and services; to save prosecutorial and judicial resources; and to provide, where appropriate, a vehicle for restitution to communities and victims of crime.

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