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Cal Fire Preparation and Evacuation Orders: 

What to pack in case of a sudden evacuation: 

  • Face masks or coverings (at least two per person)

  • Disinfectant wipes and sanitation supplies

  • Medical Records

  • Medication, medical supplies and device

  • Phones, wallets, keys

  • 1-2 sets of clothes, eyeglasses/contact lens

  • First-Aid Kit

  • Portable battery and charging cables

  • Laptop and storage devices (portable hard drives)

  • Baby supplies

  • Pet supplies

  • Important documents (marriage certificates, passports, birth certificates, etc.)

  • Water —Recommended at least a gallon per person (per day)

  • Food / snacks / non-perishable, easy-to-prepare

  • Any easily carried valuables

For high-risk areas, we would recommend that you have your things ready to go already in a vehicle or organized by your doors for immediate evacuation. 

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