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Family Harmony / Gia Đình Hòa Thuận

Mental health stigma and trauma is a serious, recognized topic in the Vietnamese-American community in Santa Clara County. VIVO is partnered with the Santa Clara County Behavior Mental Health Program to organize and implement an engagement campaign targeting the Vietnamese-American community in Santa Clara County.

The Family Café event is a meeting of community members to discuss and share their thoughts, ideas and emotions about a typical important issue in their life, propose action items on how to resolve it, and conclude with a positive affirmation. The goal of the Family Café is to make the participant feel better and relieved from the issue bothering them, even though we might not be able to resolve it.

To sign up to participate in the Family Café event, please click on the link below.

Click here to read some of the stories shared by our Family Cafe Guests.

Topic A1: War and Sorrow

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