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Health Announcements

Health Coverage 101 News.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 1.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 2.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 3.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 4.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 5.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 6.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 7.png
Health Coverage 101 Part 8.png
2022 Updated BC Tobacco Cessation Services_page-0001.jpg
Impact part 2.png
Impact part 1.png
Impact part 3.png
Impact part 4.png
Impact part 5.png
Dental Services Announcement Flyer FINAL 2022_page-0001.jpg
Tripledemic 1.png
Tripledemic Viet 1.png
Cold vs Flu Viet.jpeg
Cold or Flu Vietnamese.jpg
Cold or Flu infographic_page-0001.jpg
tobacco endgame infographic PDF_page-0001.jpg
tobacco endgame infographic PDF_page-0002.jpg
101 on ecigarettes Infographic English_page-0001.jpg
101 on ecigarettes Infographic English_page-0002.jpg
101 ecigarettes Vietnamese infographic_page-0001.jpg
101 ecigarettes Vietnamese infographic_page-0002.jpg
Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable types of cancer.png
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